Saturday Snapshots

Happy Saturday everyone! This week flew by! We are still getting adjusted to my husbands new work schedule. I will get back to my regular posting schedule soon!


Homeschooling with littles. (actually I think I set them up here because the morning was crazy and I was trying to get 5 minutes to eat some breakfast😉
At the park
Playing on the farm all day makes for an easy bed time:)
Flowers from my sweet kiddos

Saturday Snapshots

Happy Saturday everyone!


I know I’m biased. But this is one of the sweetest pictures I have ever seen!! Buddy had a busy day of playing outside and this is where we found him after dinner!
Hiking buddies!
Last Sunday after dinner, we went on a family hike around the property.
The hiking crew. Minus Kaylie and I.
Absolutely LOVES being outside! But what kid doesn’t?
And this one just because it is so sweet. Nothing more peaceful than watching a baby sleep:)


I hope you all have a great weekend!

True Serenity



I read this passage this morning. It was very comforting to me and I wanted to share it with you all. I ordered this book from Amazon if you are interested.

My friend, you shall never be safe from temptation and tribulation in this life. Therefore you will need to protect your spirit as long as you live. For you live and walk among spiritual enemies who will trouble and vex you from every side; Unless you use at all times and in all places the shield of patience, your spirit shall very soon be wounded.

And beyond this, if you do not fix your spirit firmly in me, prepared to suffer all things patiently for me, you will not be able to sustain your spiritual ardor and know the rewards of the saints.

If you seek rest in this life, how can you expect everlasting rest? Seek here not rest, but patience, and seek true rest , not on earth, but in heaven, not in other creatures, but in God only, in whom alone it is found.

To enjoy the love of God you must suffer gladly all things: all labors, sorrows, temptations, vexations, all anguish, neediness, sickness, injuries, evil sayings, humiliations, all oppressions, confusions, and corrections. These bring a person to virtue, these prove who are my true imitators and make them ready for a heavenly reward. I shall give to such a soul an everlasting reward for its short labor, and infinite glory for its passing pain.

Wait patiently for my coming. Do willingly my bidding, accept my comfort. Trust in me. Do not abandon my service because of pain or out of fear, but employ your body and soul constantly to my honor.

I will be with you and help you in every trouble that comes to you. So may it be.

~Thomas a Kempis from the book True Serenity